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Nordhavn 63

€1.798.788 vermelde prijs US$1.995.000

Aangeboden door:

Nordhavn Yachts & Brokerage

25001 Dana Drive
Dana Point, CA, 92629
Verenigde Staten

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Merk Nordhavn
Model 63
Bouwjaar 2013
Nieuw/Gebruikt Gebruikt
Prijs US$1.995.000
Soort aanbod Motor
Categorie Motorjachten
Lengte 19.2 m
Brandstoftyp Diesel
Rompmateriaal Glasvezel
Locatie Sidney, British Columbia, Canada
Lengte over alles 19.05 m
Lengte bij waterlijn 17.45 m
Dekblak 5.49 m
Max diepgang 2.03 m
Verdrijving 143000 pond
Motor typ Binnenboord
Motor merk John Deere
Motor model 6081AFM
Brandstoftyp Diesel
Motorend 330 pK
Motoruren 3437
Aanbod 4000 nmi
Ontwerper Jeff Leishman
Bouwer Pacific Asian Enterprises
Toilet 3
Brandstoftanks 2500 gelling (GVK)
Zoetwater reservoirs 700 gelling (GVK)


Ithaka has just finished (4/23/19) adding a Barnacle remote monitoring system for shore power, bilge pumps, and battery levels. The sellers also recently had the talented Steve D’Antonio perform a pre-sale “Recommendation List” to provide them with a work list of items to address. The majority of these items have been addressed, with the intent this boat will survey nicely and provide her new owners with a beautiful, turnkey, ready to cruise Nordhavn 63.

Ithaka was delivered in 2013 at Dana Point, California where she was commissioned and then headed for South America. Ithaka is one of the most heavily outfitted Nordhavns ever built—from the beginning, she was destined for adventure. Her equipment was chosen carefully with state-of-the art, redundancy and ruggedness in mind. From dual satellite receivers, night vision camera, to lock-down barrel bolts on interior cupboards, this ship was built for open water! The “63” is a great ship for green water cruising, with a lower profile (no flybridge) and an aft pilothouse.

After exploring the Pacific coast of the Americas, Ithaka continued on to the high latitudes, spending several months in the Chilean fjords, rounding Cape Horn, and then heading east to South Georgia Island. She handled magnificently in the challenging seas near Antarctica, and Ithaka has just arrived back to North America.

Her new owner could load personals and provisions and set off on another world tour aboard Ithaka. To see information about Ithaka’s previous travels, visit:



Main Engine (3,437 hours): John Deere Model 6081 AFM: Main propulsion is supplied by a John Deere Model 6081 AFM w/ M3 rating @ 330HP @ 2,200 rpm, coupled to a ZF #ZFW325, 3.958:1 reduction transmission, in turn coupled to a 3" Aquamet drive shaft (an upgrade from standard A17) on which is mounted a 5-bladed, 42"/28.5" pitch bronze propeller. This transmission reduction allows the propeller to turn slowly, greatly reducing noise and vibration. The PYI dripless Shaft Seal helps to eliminate water in the bilge (100% water tight) and reduces wear on the propeller shaft. The engine is keel-cooled, with a dry exhaust with an in-line muffler, a signature design element of most Nordhavns, which eliminates the need for a large through-hull and raw water pump, greatly reducing the risk of failure at sea. A Spurs Marine line cutter is installed on the main shaft, just forward of the propeller.

Wing Engine (317 hours): John Deere 4045 DFM75: Auxiliary propulsion is supplied by a John Deere 4045 DFM70 HE 24V “wing engine”: 80 hp High Output Heat Exchanger Cooling with a ZF 631V 2.477:1 ratio “V-Drive” transmission with Morse control cables. Gori folding propeller, 3 blade (24" diameter x 19" pitch). Shaft is 1.5" diameter Aquamet 22 (an upgrade from standard A17) and is tapered at the propeller end A rubber cutlass stern bearing is encased in a housing supported by a strut attached to the hull.

Hydraulic Systems: ABT-TRAC: Ithaka is equipped with ABT-TRAC’S integrated hydraulics system that is powered by quiet, high efficiency hydraulic piston pumps separately driven by the main engine, the wing engine, or a PTO (Power Take Off) pump on the 25 kW generator. These pumps support various systems:

  • Anchor Wash Pacer Pump (SE2IBLHYC), located in forward equipment area, delivers 180 gpm
  • Bow and Stern Thrusters ABT-TRAC twin, counter-rotating propellers, are installed in both the bow and the stern.
  • Emergency Bilge Pump Pacer Pump (SE2IBLHYC), located in Engine Room, delivers 180 gpm
  • Stabilizers at Sea Ithakais outfitted with ABT-TRAC #300 digital active fin stabilizers with digital controls in the wheelhouse. The fin size has been upgraded to 9 x 13.5 sq. ft. which provides greater control, as well as stabilization at anchor (see below).
  • Stabilizers at Rest The STAR system significantly reduces vessel roll while anchored or on a mooring. STAR’s unique 3-term algorithm measures roll and controls the stabilizing fins’ movement to generate a smooth counter-acting energy pulse that significantly dampens roll. At anchor, the STAR system is powered by the PTO pump on the 25 kW generator.
  • Windlass Maxwell VW4000 hydraulic windlass with band brake.

25 kW Generator: (2479 hours) Northern Lights 25 kW at 60Hz and gen-sep exhaust system (with sound shield in the Engine Room). 24 v starter with two “Group 31” batteries and Centek water lift muffler.

16 kW Generator: (4696 hours) Northern Lights 16 kW generator and gen-sep exhaust system (with sound shield in the lazarette). 24 v starter with two “Group 31” batteries and Centek water lift muffler.



Boening Monitor System: Boening is renowned for its precision engineering and is used on commercial vessels as well as superyachts. The Boening sensors display results on a 12" color touch screen in the Pilothouse. Accurate levels of fuel tanks, fresh water and wastewater are easily displayed. Engine performance details, including temperatures, pressures, and fuel efficiency are shown. Data points outside programmed parameters result in audible and visual alarms. Video cameras are installed for the engine room, cockpit and aft upper deck.

Navigation Systems: Ithaka’s systems were designed with redundancy in mind, for ultimate safety and peace of mind in remote areas.

  • AIS: Furuno FA150 AIS Transponder with Display contains VHF transmitter, 2 TDMA receivers on 2 parallel VHF ch, DSC ch 70 receiver. Provides position, COG, and SOG if external GPS fails.
  • Autopilot: Dual Simrad AP50s provide redundancy, allowing the captain to select the backup system if the primary system fails for any reason.
  • Compasses: Satellite Compass is Furuno SC50. Ritchie 4.5” compass mounted on dashboard
  • Displays: Three (3) Green Marine 19" displays provide state-of-the art clarity, with 1000 Nit sunlight viewable, dimming control knob, low power LED backlights, anti-reflective glass, and 3 Mode PIP.
  • Fishfinder: Furuno DFF1 Module
  • Lightning Control: Ground system with #2 wire and Forespar wand.
  • Satellite Communications: Ithaka is outfitted with two satellite systems, providing complete world-wide coverage for internet and telephone connectivity. The TracPhone V7 Satellite Receiver provides the fastest data speeds at the lowest prices. The KVH TracPhone provides internet and telephone communication in Ku-band coverage regions. To ensure world-wide coverage, Ithaka also has a Fleet Broadband Sailor FB500 receiver which significantly expands the coverage areas, including the South Pacific and the high latitudes of the Arctic and/or Antarctic. FB500 installed January 2016.
  • Navigation: Furuno NavNet 3 serves as the primary navigation system, seamlessly displaying component information supplied through the NavNet 3D Hub101. Information is displayed on two 17" monitors. Secondary, backup system, is provided by a NavNet3 MFD 8" display, located in the overhead Pilothouse panel. If the primary navigation system fails for any reason, the operator can switch over to the independent MFD system providing location information as well as AutoPilot navigation.
  • Furuno GP33 provides location information to the primary navigation system.
  • Night Vision: a FLIR M-324L provides night vision capability while underway or at anchor. An excellent feature when cruising in areas that may have small fishing boats at night, or when in anchorages where security may be a concern.
  • Radars: Primary radar is provided by a Furuno 12 kW Open Array system, allowing 72 nm view. Secondary radar is a Furuno 4 kW Digital Radar Dome, providing crystal clear, noise-free target presentation with its Ultra High Definition Digital Radar.
  • Radios: VHF is ICOM M604 radio, connected to ANTENNA.         SSB ICOM M802 Radio enable long range communication.
  • Wind Indicator: Furuno FI507



Anchors: Primary anchor is an Ultra Marine 80 kg with a UFS-16 swivel; both are new as of March 2016. Additionally, there is a Fortress FX85 which folds flat, and a 100 lb. Manson plough.

BBQ: Miele (CS 1312 BG) electric grill is built into custom cabinetry in the cockpit.

Bimini: The bimini is installed with a cap-rail system, rather than lacing, which is easier to clean and a nicer presentation. The bimini covers the port and starboard walkways, as well as the aft deck, which allows the Pilothouse doors to be open even in raining conditions. The bimini was replaced November 2016.

Capstan: Maxwell Maine VC2200 24v Capstan is mounted in the cockpit.

Controls: Mather’s electronic engine controls are fitted on both the starboard and port Portuguese Bridge stations and the console in the aft cockpit. Also fitted at each of these stations are the bow and stern thruster jog levers, engine start and stop controls, windlass control and horn.

Davit: Telescoping yacht crane by Steelhead Marine, model ES1500, is mounted on the port side of the foredeck. A custom stainless steel post provides support and lockdown for the davit while underway.

Deck surfaces: Swim step, cockpit, and starboard passageway have teak decking. Foredeck and upper aft deck have non-slip coating.

Doors: Upgraded all exterior doors to diamond Sea Glaze welded type. All four doors are Dutch-style and have glass in upper and lower panels.

Ladder: A MarQuipt ladder attaches to the port side of the foredeck for easy access to/from the tender when loading it into the water or back onto the foredeck.

Lazarette Hatch:   Electric lift operates hatch opening/closing. A removable “bolt-down” system has been added to make the hatch watertight for passage in large seas.

Shoreline Reels: Two custom-made stainless steel reels are mounted on the upper aft railing. Each reel holds 600' of 5/8" Samson MFP floating line, used for tying the stern to shore in small coves, or in areas where katabatic winds might call for more security at anchor.

Swim Step: The standard swim platform is extended to allow more usable space. Additionally, the swim step was designed with a curved hump underneath which deters “water slapping” while at anchor. Ladder swivels down into the water, and latches in “up position” while underway. Shower head with hot/cold water stored on aft side of transom for showering on the swim deck.

Table: Teak dining table with stainless supports located on upper aft deck.

Tender & Dinghy:

  • Ribcraft 4.8 m The Ribcraft, with its deep V-bottom, travels fast and sure when going longer distances. Powered by a 60 HP Honda outboard (BF60A). The Ribcraft sits in 3 custom-made stainless steel chocks which are removable. When the Ribcraft is off-board, the foredeck is a smooth, open surface without chocks.
  • 2016 3.6M Zodiac inflatable with Yamaha 20 hp outboard (great for rough beach landings/exploring)



Balancing Transformer Olsun Electrics Corporation, model SGS 75 HD-2, 7.5 kva.

Batteries: Lifeline AGMsHouse: 8 x 8D (12v, 255 amp-hours each) (replaced 2018). Main Engine Starting: 2 x 4D (12v, 210 amp-hrs each). Wing Engine and 16 kW Generator Starting: 2 x Group Size 31 (12v, 105 amp-hrs each) (replaced Nov 2016). 25 kW Generator Starting: 2 x Group Size 31 (12v, 105 amp-hrs each). Communications: 1 s Group Size 31 (12v, 105 amp hours).

Charger, Main Batteries: Victron Centaur series, Model 24/100, located in the Lazarette, accepts 90-265 VDC at 45-65 Hz and converts it to 24 VDC.

Charger, Pilothouse Battery: Mastervolt (MAC 24/12-20) charges the communications battery and is located under the berth in the pilothouse cabin.

Distribution Panel: The panel is conveniently located on the main level in the passageway.

Galvanic Isolator: Guest Products model 4531011, located on the main level, passageway. For house and AC shore power connections continuous amps: 50A at 50 degs C. operation 115-230 v AC 50/60 Hz.

Inverter/Charger: A pair of Outback Power Systems inverters (VFX3524M) provide cutting-edge features, including Pure Sine wave output, advanced internal heat management, 7 programmable operating modes, and remote monitoring and control keypad, located on the ship’s distribution panel.

Isolation Transformer: Olsun GS12YY (12 KVA), located in the Pilothouse, is provided for receiving/converting either the 240 VAC 60Hz ship’s service or 120 VAC 60 Hz ship’s service shore power inputs and delivering a 240 VAC 60 Hz output.

Shore Power: Glendinning Marine Cablemaster (CM-7) manages the primary power cable on the foredeck; Cablemaster is housed inside the starboard side cabinet of the Portuguese Bridge.Marinco 6373 EL 50 amp 250V/125V 60 Hz receptacles; 2 are located on the starboard foreside of the Portuguese Bridge, and an additional 2 are located in the cockpit, on the inboard/starboard side of the transom.

Voltage Booster, Shore Power: Charles Industries SmartBoost (model 93-SMTBST50-A) is a universal AC voltage booster designed to increase incoming AC shore power voltage. When dockside power drops below 210 VAC, SmartBoost provides a 15% voltage boost to any existing 50 AMP straight transformer.



Accumulator: GROCO 10 gallon accumulator (model PST-3) maintains water pressure on demand so the house water pumps do not activate every time water is requested.

Fresh Water Pumps: There are 2 Headhunter, M5-115/60 pumps which manage the house water. Only one pump is activated at a time; the second pump is a backup.

Water Filtration, Dockside: A custom-made cartridge filtration system ensures clean, safe water whenever the fresh water tank is filled from an outside source. A pleated 0.02 micron filter mechanically removes viruses as well as bacteria and protozoa. A charcoal filter removes chlorine. And finally, a U/V light for further treatment of bacteria and viruses.

Water Filtration, Galley: A Seagull IV X-1F filter, by General Ecology, further filters the water from the galley faucet.

Water Heater: A 40 gallon heater by Torrid Manufacturing ensures plenty of hot water on board. Model MV04002, 240V, 1500 W.

Watermaker, Primary: Village Marine Squirt 600 gpd 220 VAC is installed in the forward machinery space ensuring easy access and maintenance.

Watermaker, Secondary: Village Marine SQ-200 12 DC with fresh water flush and boost pump is also installed in the forward machinery space.



Fuel Tanks: 2 main tanks, 2 forward tanks, 1 wing engine tank, and 1 supply tank total 2,500 gallon capacity. Fuel levels are monitored by the Boening system and displayed in the Pilothouse. Main tanks, wing engine tank, and supply tank have sight gauges in the engine room.

Fuel Filter/Separators:   Racor filter/separators are installed for all major equipment: 900MA for Main Engine (dual filters), Wing Engine, and Fuel Transfer System; 500MA for the 2 generators and the diesel furnace. Dual filters for Main Engine are monitored by pressure sensor with digital display in the Pilothouse. All other filters are fitted with vacuum gauges, each of which is also fitted with Racor petcock drains at the bases.

Fuel Transfer Pump: Oberdorfer N991-32-A97 (240 gph)

Oil Change System: Oberdorfer N991-32-A97 simplifies oil changes

Water Detection Sensor and Alarm: Racor water detection panel in the main distribution panel receives signals from the water detectors on the fuel supply reservoir tank and from the reservoir sump; the alarm will alert the operator to any problems here.



Cooktop: Wolf induction cooktop (CT301U)

Dishwasher: Full-width 24” Bosch dishwasher, extra quiet. Installed June 2015.

Ovens: Primary oven is a Dacor Epicure EORS130 (self-cleaning, cooking probe, etc.). Over the cooktop there is a GE microwave/convection oven (JVM1790SK).

Refrigeration: The galley has full height storage with Sub-Zero refrigerator and freezer. Each is 27" wide, with 2 drawers beneath. In addition, there is a U-Line freezer in the utility room. More than ample storage for a month and a half away from port. In the Pilothouse, below the settee, there is a Norcold 12v refrigerator for drinks.

Trash Compactor: Broan Elite 15"

Washer/Dryer: Bosch washer and dryer (WTA4410 & WFR2460) are located in the utility room.



Black & Gray Tank Water: Upgraded electric discharge pumps are Headhunter M1-24 (9 gpm) which are significantly more powerful than the standard. Manual discharge pumps are Whale Seaward BP0527. Tank levels are monitored in the Pilothouse on the Boening system, as well as by Dometic display on the control panel in the main passageway.

Toilets: Macerating toilets by Tecma (Silence Plus model). With the upgraded discharge system, and the powerful maceration system, Ithaka never had a single occurrence of plugged toilets (a dreaded situation for yacht owners!).



Air Conditioning: CRUISAIR remote compressor system with SMX controls throughout the living areas. All A/C condensate drains are routed to the grey tank.

Heating: For cold climates, the Hurricane diesel heater (3,000 hours) kept the boat comfortably warm, even in the Antarctic! Heater units in fwd cabin, guest head, owner’s cabin, owner’s head, pilothouse and salon. Heater system plumbed through a heat exchanger for engine supplemental heating. Heating system plumbed for constant domestic water heating - includes pilothouse window defroster. For milder climates, the CRUISAIR has a reverse cycle for heating.



Exterior Lights:   IMTRA Avalon 155 LED lights

Deck Flood Lights: Vision X Lighting (XIL-80W) provides lighting on the foredeck as well as the aft deck.

House Lights: Lighting throughout the interior is LED.

Searchlight:   The powerful Carlisle and Finch 15" Xenon searchlight will project from 1 to 2 km, illuminating targets far away.

Underwater Lights: Four LED lights are mounted below the waterline on the swim deck.



Ditch Bag: A fully-outfitted floating Ditch Bag is stored in the Pilothouse, along with dehydrated meals for 30 days and a Katadyn hand-pump desalinization system.

EPIRB: McMurdo Smartfind Plus/G5 GPS is located in Auto Float Free Housing on the top deck

Fire Systems: The Engine Room and Lazarette are each outfitted with Sea-Fire Marine fire suppression systems (FD1300M and FD1050M) and are designed for automatic or manual operation, with relay box to shut down main engine, generator and Engine Room fans if discharged. Fire extinguishers are located in each room, and smoke alarms have been added to each room as well.

Flares: A variety of flares, smoke, and rockets are on board; replaced July 2016.

Liferaft: A Winslow 6-person life raft (60SLOP) is stored in the seating box on the upper aft deck. Liferaft was check and repacked August 2016.

Storm Window Covers: Five½" plexiglass plates cover the salon windows; plates are stored under the Master berth when not in use.



Sound Reduction: Significant investment was made during construction of the vessel to ensure a quiet ride at sea:

  • Hull Camping: the area above the propeller rotation plane is treated with 2 layers of E-A-R Specialty Composite Isodamp CN Tiles (CN-62), alternating between resin and chopped glass to form a constrained layer damping system to be the inboard side of the shell plate.
  • Engine room ceiling and forward bulkhead is treated with 2" of Soundown lead foam and 2" of 3M Thinsulate. Inboard tank sides, aft bulkhead, underside of deck, forward side of engine room bulkhead and ventilation ducts are treated with 2" of Soundown lead foam and 2" of 3M Thinsulate and covered with white Soundown perforated aluminum panels.
  • Salon/galley cabin sole has 2" Nida Core core system and ¼" Soundown “decoupler” layer.
  • Engine room hatches have rubber gasket and lock down mechanisms.
  • Soundown Quiet Pro lining covers the engine room intake and exhaust ventilating ducts, with 1" thick secured with epoxy and mechanical fasteners.
  • Bulkheads in living areas are insulated with 1" thick 3M Thinsulate between all panels.

Paint & Colors: Hull is Arocoat #310 beige. Deck: Ferro white. Custom waterline boot striping is Arocoat #348 Dark Blue. Bottom paint is Pettit Ultima SR-60, the highest copper load available in ablative bottom paints.

Thru-Hull Strainers: All raw water through-hull strainers have been upgraded to Groco with monel baskets (wing engine, generator, air-con, hydraulic cooling, and the dedicated through-hull for watermaker).



Wood: Cherry

Floors: Cherry and ebony

Countertops: Granite

Salon: Port side cabinetry widened to accommodate heavy-duty 48" TV lift and A/V equipment. Custom cherry table with adjustable pedestals and removable leaf. Three heavy-duty, deep drawers below the stairs for dishware storage.

Heads: Sinks and toilets upgraded to black porcelain. Tile floors in all heads. Master shower has tiled floor and bench seat.

Pilothouse: Two Stidd chairs, upgraded to chrome package.

Desk: Working desk with swing out stool located on main level in passageway. Tie-down system installed to protect printer while underway.



The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.


Aangeboden door:

Nordhavn Yachts & Brokerage

25001 Dana Drive
Dana Point, CA, 92629
Verenigde Staten

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Aangeboden door:

Nordhavn Yachts & Brokerage

25001 Dana Drive
Dana Point, CA, 92629
Verenigde Staten

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