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  5. Custom Clipper 60 Alfa Yachts 19.5m

    Custom Clipper 60 Alfa Yachts 19.5m

    Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer, Rhône, Frankrijk

    Yatagan - Unleash the Spirit of Adventure on the Seas!Images at various stages; Current state is hull is completely emptied and ready for hull repairs and refit. This is a fresh start and a great project! Happy to detail all the project challenges to interested parties willing to honour her. Specifications: Length: 19.5 metres (Clipper 60 Specification) Beam:4.6m Draft: 2.4m(Yes only 2.4) Height Keel bottom to deck: 4.45(within bridge limit for transport)  Hull Material: Marine 5080 Aluminium 8mm Hull, 6mm Deck Displacement: 18 tons Lead Weight: 9 tons Masts: Two, Ketch Rigged Engine: OM352 Marine Newly rebuilt with spare engine parts. Are YOU ready to embark on an extraordinary maritime adventure? Look no further than Yatagan, the one-of-a-kind aluminium racing clipper ketch that embodies the spirit of exploration. This exceptional yacht is not just a vessel; it's a gateway to unforgettable experiences and the fulfilment of dreams. As the new skipper, you'll have the opportunity to unleash your own courage and honour, just as the Yatagan sword symbolises. Experience firsthand the prowess and resilience of Yatagan as she conquers challenges and weathers storms with unwavering determination. Join the ranks of legendary figures who have wielded this sword with skill and grace, and become part of Yatagan's storied history. Yatagan design is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of yacht construction. Her sleek lines and sturdy aluminium hull, designed by B.S Anguel of Alfa Yachts circa 1974 and completed construction in 1978, merge elegance with high performance. Built as a racing clipper ketch for the Whitbread Around the World race, Yatagan has a proven racing heritage. She craves the open seas and offers an exhilarating sailing experience for those seeking adrenaline-fueled adventures. With exceptional speed, agility, and manoeuvrability, Yatagan will take you on a thrilling journey like no other. finely crafted to optimise performance. Each sail carries the legacy of her racing days and ensures an unmatched sailing experience. Beyond her breathtaking design, Yatagan represents tradition and culture. Inspired by the Turkish Yatagan sword, she embodies strength, courage, and honour. This yacht is not only a vessel but also a vessel of mythical allure, symbolising bravery and the indomitable spirit of warriors.   Highlights: Original Plans and concepts of Yatagan Clipper 60 by BS Anguel. Price and Contact Information: Yatagan is currently offered for sale at a negotiable price of 75,000 Euros. As the owner, I understand the importance of finding the right steward for this exceptional yacht. I am willing to consider offers that reflect a good home for Yatagan while taking into account my personal reasons and the need for a quick sale.   Learn more of her journey and mine IG@Saltylip Project Inventory List: Here is an inventory of the available parts and additional specifications for Yatagan: ●     Aluminium (5080): Approximately 4-5 tons ●     Lead: Approximately 9+ tons ●     Winches: Various sizes and quantities of Lewmar winches ●     Hatches and Fittings: High-quality aluminium hatches and fittings by Goiot Systems ●     Engine Parts: Various components for the engine ●     Stainless Steel Pieces: Assorted stainless steel parts ●     Prop Shaft: Stainless steel prop shaft ●     Sails: ●     Genoa 1 ●     Genoa 2 ●     Jib ●     Storm Gib ●     Mainstay ●     Spinnaker ●     Sail cables (wire) stainless steel ●     Winches: ●     Lewmar 48 x Self Tailoring Winch (7 units) ●     Lewmar 65x Self Tailoring Winch (5 units) ●     Lewmar three-speed 44x Self Tailoring Winch (1 unit) ●     Lewmar 34x Self Tailoring Winch (2 units) ●     Lewmar 40 x Self Tailoring Winch (2 units) ●     Anchor Winch ●     Engine: OM352 Marine ●     Yacht Materials: ●     Marine 5080 Aluminium (4-5 tons) ●     Lead (8 tons) ●     Masts: ●     2 units of 50/80 ●     Booms for Masts: 2 units ●     Fittings for Masts ●     Mast Rollers: Stainless steel ●     Additional Stainless Steel Pieces ●     Back Deck Stainless Steel ●     Engine Parts ●     2x 1-inch heavy-duty Perspex ●     Paints and Primer ●     Yacht Rudder: Stainless steel ●     Prop Shaft: Stainless steel ●     1 x 12mm Plate (new) ●     3 x 5mm 5080 ●     Back Deck 3 x 5mm ●     Goiot Aluminium Hatches: 7 units This is a complete project.. Contact me for Google Drive Link for the project drive. 

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